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The Chemring Energetic Devices (CED) business unit was formed in 2009 to integrate and manage two existing Chemring Group businesses, Scot Incorporated in Downers Grove, IL and Technical Ordnance, Inc. in Clear Lake, SD. CED is headquartered in Illinois, with manufacturing facilities in Illinois and South Dakota. 

CED's Illinois Administrative and Manufacturing Facility

CED's Illinois facility was founded as Scot Incorporated in 1942, producing electrical equipment for general aviation industry. The company evolved into energetic devices in 1976 and focused its resources to the growth of military egress and life support areas. In the 1990’s, Scot continued its growth in the weapons deployment and space markets, developing various components for the B-2 strategic bomber and Atlas and Delta family of launch vehicles. Scot was acquired by Chemring Group PLC in 2008.

CED's Illinois facility is located on 3.5 acres of property with 47,000 square feet of manufacturing and office space approximately 30 miles west of Chicago, Illinois. The facility is the headquarters of CED and home to the Contracts, Business Development, Administration, Finance, and Product Engineering departments. The manufacturing facility is optimized for low-rate, high precision and high-engineered manufacture of the following types of energetic devices and systems: 

  • Electric, Mechanical & Gas Initiators
  • Impulse Cartridges & Pressure Cartridges
  • Gas Generators
  • Time Delay Devices
  • Arm/Fire Devices
  • Weapons Deployment Systems
  • Stage Separation Sub-systems
  • Retention & Release Devices
  • Switches, Selectors & Transfer Devices
  • Pyrotechnic Cutters, Separation Nuts & Bolts
  • Pyro-Valves
  • Pyrotechnic & Pneumatic Thrusters & Actuators
  • Battlefield Simulation Electronic Equipment
  • Life Support Electronic Test Equipment 

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    Illinois Manufacturing Facility

    CED's South Dakota Manufacturing Facility

    CED's South Dakota facility was founded as Technical Ordnance in Minnesota in 1964, producing various detonating and explosive components primarily for Department of Defense applications. The company opened its loading facility in Clear Lake, South Dakota in 1987 and was acquired by Chemring Group PLC in 2006. CED's South Dakota facility is located on 640 acres and has approximately 88,000 square feet of manufacturing space across twenty-two buildings designed primarily for high-rate manufacture of various energetic devices and materials. The high-rate production lines are designed for efficient and cost-effective reconfiguration to produce hundreds of different products in a given year. The facility also has 25 storage bunkers capable of storing up to 250,000 pounds of explosive for production operations. The facility is optimized for the manufacture of the following types of energetic devices and systems.

  • Squibs & Electric Igniters
  • Primary & Secondary Energetic Materials
  • Impulse Cartridges & Pressure Cartridges
  • Gas Generators
  • Time Delays Devices
  • Ammunition Pellets
  • Pyrotechnic Cutting Devices & Explosive Bolts
  • Pyrotechnic Thrusters & Actuators
  • Fuze Components & LAP
  • South Dakota Manufacturing Facility